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Piab Robot Gripping Solutions

Piab specializes in automated vacuum process components and solutions that improve productivity, sustainability, and safety in industrial automation.  Their modular component portfolio features an extensive offering of gripping solutions, suction cups, vacuum products, and robot end of arm tooling for a variety of industries including Packaging, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Logistics and Warehousing, Plastics and Automotive.

Product Information

Piab’s advanced gripping solutions will simplify and even eliminate engineering time for grippers, make installation easier, and ensure that state-of-the-art components are used to achieve maximum performance and productivity.  The ready-to-use grippers are designed to be installed directly on the robot arm or tool changer.  Several mounting interface options, in accordance with ISO-9409-1, are available making it easy to install on most robot brands.

Cobot and Robot Grippers

PiCOBOT® is a vacuum ejector unit with integrated controls, large visual status indicators, and a user-friendly display.  Certified by Universal Robots, it mounts directly on the UR robot arm (ISO-9409-1-50-M60).  As an option to mount a suction cup directly on the piCOBOT® thread interface, a high-end adjustable gripper with two suction cups can be seamlessly attached to the piCobot® unit.  It is equipped with plug-in software (URCap) for the teach pendant which makes it easy to install, set up, and get started.


piCOBOT® Vacuum Gripper Unit

Optimized design for high reliability 

Mechanical and electrical interfaces

Based on patented COAX® technology with integrated controls

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piCOBOT® L Vacuum Gripper Unit

Lift up to 35 lbs

IP65 compliant

Robust pump body allows for use in harsh environments

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KCS Cobot Gripper

Integrated COAX® SX cartridges

Quick change system to move between applications

High performance even at low or fluctuating feed pressures

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Kenos Vacuum Gripping Systems

Kenos® is a leading brand for large area vacuum grippers.  Designed and optimized for use in a variety of applications, the product offering provides a flexible solution for the handling of several goods with different shapes, dimensions, and compactness.  Most of the gripping systems can be equipped with an integrated vacuum generation, or a separated vacuum generation through pump or side channel blowers.  The integrated vacuum generator is a modular multi-stage COAX® ejector of easy maintenance and the market’s most energy efficient ejector technology. 

Kenos FlexiGrip KFG.webp

Kenos® FlexiGrip – KFG

Three configurations to fit your needs

Plug & Play solution for UR cobots

Can be used in both centralized and decentralized vacuum systems

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Kenos MiniGrip KMG.webp
Kenos Safe Light KSL.webp

Kenos® MiniGrip – KMG

Strong and rigid support under vacuum

Round version in 6 diameters

Rectangular version in 4 sizes

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Kenos® Safe&Light – KSL

Low weight maximizes cobot payload

Robust design, materials and valve technology

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Kenos KVG.webp

Kenos® Vacuum Gripper KVG

Flexible solution for products with different shapes and dimensions

Ideal for pick, place, and packing

Four models available to fit needs

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Kenos KHVG.webp

Kenos® Vacuum Gripper KHVG

Designed for heavy duty applications in the wood and stone industry

Low dust sensitivity

For pallet handling and positioning

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Kenos KBC.webp

Kenos® Vacuum Gripper KBC

Designed for the needs of the packaging industry

Internal or external vacuum

Efficient suction capability

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Lightweight vacuum-driven soft gripper sensitive and delicate objects.  piSOFTGRIP® is a simple yet robust one-piece product consisting of gripping fingers and a vacuum cavity.  Thanks to a vacuum driven design, the gripping force is easily controlled by simply adjusting the vacuum level.



Cost effective, vacuum-driven soft gripping solution

Suitable for sensitive and lightweight products

Detectable silicone material and approved for direct food contact

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Palletizing Solutions

Piab offers a wide range of custom and standard End of Arm Tools (EOAT) for typical industrial palletizing and de-palletizing operations.  All tools are designed to ensure safe operation, no goods are damaged, run with the highest efficiency, and that maintenance is simple and kept to a minimum.  Below are the first of Piab’s palletizing solutions to be standardized and made available.  Watch for future releases as you may find one that fits your needs.



Heavy-duty rails and bearings with double seals and grease ports, less required maintenance

Fast adjustment of bag sizes via hand wheel, lead screw, bearing blocks and shaft locks

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Simple bag width adjustment by loosening eight bolts

Heavy-duty rails and bearing with double seals

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Palletzing lbg-50.webp


Lift bags and sacks of any standard material

Adjustable width and finger positions

Lightweight aluminum tool design maximizes the robot's payload

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SHeavy-duty rails and bearings with double seals and grease ports, less maintenance required

Gearbox with pulley / belt drive system

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Custom Line Solution

When you need a solution or product specifically designed for your requirements, Piab’s Custom-Line Solutions are the answer.  The solutions presented here are developed for unique customer projects.  Piab’s designs are usually modular and parametric based allowing for flexible adjustment.  Therefore, a Custom-Line Solution optimized to meet your requirements is just a click away.


Cobot Palletizing Tool

Compact solution for palletizing boxed-in products

One EOAT instead of several

High energy efficiency

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mini cobot gripper.webp

Mini Cobot Gripper

Only weighs 9 ounces but lifts 11 lbs

Integrated vacuum ejector

Can be equipped with various suction units

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Gripping Fragile Objects with Soft Grippers

piCOBOT® - Small, Powerful and Ready to Collaborate with Human and Cobot Workers

Heavy-duty EOAT Bag Grippers for Palletizing

To discuss your application or request a robotic evaluation

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