We provide a variety of actuators and motors, along with VFD's, PLC's & PAC's, and PC based products in our motion department.


Manufacturers We Provide

We offer linear bearings, ball screw actuators, and rotary actuators from NSK.
Mitsubishi Electric
Automation, Inc. offers Mitsubishi Electric Automation programmable controllers, motion controllers, inverters (VFD'S), AC servos, HMI, and SCADa.
Parker Compumotor
Parker motion controllers provide multiple axes of coordinated motion control for complete electromechanical motion systems. Products Automation, Inc. provides servo motors, stepper motors, PLC's, and PAC's.
Parker Daedal
Parker offers a complete collection of precision linear and rotary positioners in standard and custom configurations, ranging from miniature stages to precision air bearing platforms. Offering speed, accuracy and repeatability, Parker positioning systems include pre-engineered linear servo motor tables with “plug and play” modules as well as rotary tables designed for motor-driven indexing.
Parker Gearheads
Parker offers an extensive portfolio of servo gearheads/gearboxes which cover a vast range of  frame sizes, ratios, gear geometry types, precision/backlash ratings and drive configurations. Capable of satisfying a wide variety of markets and applications, Parker can also customize their gearheads to meet your exact requirements.
Schneider Electric
We offer stepper motors, controllers and smart stepper hybrid motors from Schneider Electric.
We offer PC based motion controllers from Advantech
Dart Controls
We offer DC motor speed controls and VFD's from Dart Controls.
Automation, Inc. offers LEESON's right angle and parallel shaft AC gearmotors . These industrial strength gearmotors are designed for reliability and long life in the toughest applications.
We offer AC motors from Nidec.
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