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Piab’s Mini Cobot Gripper (MCG)

At only 270 grams (9 ounces), Piab’s Mini Cobot Gripper (MCG) lifts up to 5 kg (11 lbs) and can be equipped with various suction units to accommodate application requirements.  Its integrated COAX® vacuum ejector is extremely energy efficient, providing a safe and quick hold.  With the MCG, customers can maximize the load capacity of even the smallest cobots, reducing investment costs.  The Mini Cobot Gripper is the essence of modular, flexible, light weight design, with a strong yet energy efficient grip on any product.

mini cobot gripper.webp
  • Extremely light – full utilization of cobot capacity

  • Quick gripper change with Quick-Click Tool Changer in a plug and play design

  • Various gripper units for every application

  • ISO adapter for quick connection to most robot types

  • Pump unit with integrated, energy efficient COAX® ejector

  • Adapter plate is available with different suction cups and grippers for any application

  • Fast process possible by activating the integrated blow-off check valve

  • Intuitive and user-friendly design

Our team of robotic specialists will work with you to find the best solution for your application, performing evaluations through proof-of-concept testing & time studies.  We’ll help you select the ideal applications and then conduct simulations to test and demonstrate that the robot will meet your requirements.

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