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Piab’s piCOBOT® Vacuum Gripper Unit

Small and powerful, Piab’s piCOBOT® collaborates with human workers in a variety of applications including kitting of parts, bin picking, feeding and sorting, and robotic pick, place and pack.  The piCOBOT® family of products is a complete solution for the fully automated handling of a variety of items thanks to the automatic tool changer, docking station, and gripper units.

  • Optimized design for high reliabiity

  • Mechanical and electrical interfaces

  • Low weight and low build height

  • Integrated safety related functions

  • Flexible setting options, and optional add-ons available, to perfectly match application needs

  • Vacuum ejector based on patented COAX® technology with integrated controls

  • Choose between a generic electrical interface with several mounting options in accordance with ISO 9409-1 standard or custom made for Universal Robots collaborative robots (UR3, UR5 and UR10)

  • UR software capabilities (URCap) for quick and easy installation and programming

  • Valves with adaptive PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to reduce heat generation and further improve reliability

  • Extra valve protection (Automatic Condition Monitoring, ACM, function)


piCOBOT Spec.jpg

Related Products

piCOBOT® Tool Changer

The piCOBOT® Tool Changer enables tool changing of end-effectors for increased flexibility when using one robot with a piCOBOT® pump unit for many different tasks.

  • Equipped with a lever to lock or unlock the adapter plate of an end-effector, either manually or automatically, when combined with the docking station for piCOBOT (sold separately)

  • Compatible with the piCOBOT and piCOBOT® L

picobot tool-changer.webp


piCOBOT Tool Changer.jpg

piCOBOT® Docking Station

The piCOBOT® Docking Station holds additional end-effectors to facilitate automatic tool changing when using the tool changer for piCOBOT®.  By automatically removing one gripping unit and picking-up another, no human interference is necessary, thereby ensuring a continuous, uninterrupted process.

  • PiCOBOT® can pick up different tools from the docking stations to accommodate for different lifting objects

  • Available in two sizes depending on the depth of the end-effector

  • Docking station is compatible with the piCOBOT and piCOBOT® L

  • Automatic tool changing is achieved when the docking station is combined with the piCOBOT® tool changer (sold separately)

picobot docking station.webp


Docking Station Spec.jpg

Adjustable Gripper

  • Flexible and adjustable gripper to perfectly match application needs

  • Optimized design for high reliability and fast cycle times

  • Re-configurable within 2 minutes

  • Flexible and stepless adjustability in suction cup distance

  • Integrated piSAVE® sense technology allowing for single and/or double picking

  • Stepless angle adjustability of individual suction cups for maximum adaption to object surface variations

  • The piGRIP® suction cup (sold separately) is excellent for lifting and handling difficult and heavy bags and pouches with liquids

  • Bellow suction cups with excellent gripping performance on corrugated and porous or surface leaking objects such as cardboard, textured plastic parts and

pigrip suction cup.webp


Adjustable Gripper Spec.jpg

Our team of robotic specialists will work with you to find the best solution for your application, performing evaluations through proof-of-concept testing & time studies.  We’ll help you select the ideal applications and then conduct simulations to test and demonstrate that the robot will meet your requirements.

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