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Robotic equipment manufactured by ROEQ offers easy-to-use, safe, and reliable solutions to maximize the full potential of your MiR autonomous mobile robot (AMR), helping you optimize your internal logistics.  The plug and play software and variety of equipment enables your MiR robot to perform multiple tasks and workflows throughout your warehouse or production line easily, efficiently, and safely.  ROEQ engineers safety right in so that your solution will take care of your workers and your products, helping humans and robots work safely and efficiently together.

Product Information

Cart, lifter, and roller solutions enable your MiR robot to handle and transport everything from light parts and boxes to heavy pallets in your production and warehouse facilities.  With a focus on safer work practices, easier integration, and well-tested, reliable products, ROEQ offers a wide selection of solutions to enable your AMR to complete your transportation and transferring tasks.


When choosing the right solution for your application, consider:

Cargo type – weight and size

Conditions – flooring, space available

Loading method – pallet stacker, free-space pick-up, conveyors

Top Modules


Roller Module

Transfer loads between conveyors

Auto top rollers are available for transfer between two different heights

Rollers are braked for safety during transport

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Cart/Rack Modules

Enables AMR to pick up, transport, and drop off carts

Increases payload potential of MiR robot

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Lifter Modules

Lifter to transport crates, racks, pallets, and shelf carts

Equipped with mounting holes for attaching equipment

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Can double payload while maintaining a compact footprint

Mounting holes enable customization

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Docking Stations

Wall and floor mount for flexibility

Precision docking for areas of near full automation

Pull-out docking for collaboration set-ups

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Variety of accessories to enhance robot and system capabilities

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S-Cart300 Family for MiR250


Docking Stations


TMS-C1500 Workflow for

large and heavy loads

Precision Docking

TML150 Lifter Solution

To discuss your application or request a robotic evaluation

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