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ROEQ Lifter Modules

Lifter solutions from ROEQ are ideal for automating your production, warehouse, and shipping workflows.


Flexible lifter modules can lift, transport, and drop off pallets, crates and racks, as well as shelf carts, eliminating the need for people to push and pull product and components through your facility. 



  • Robot compatibility:  MiR250

  • ROEQ product compatibility:  PR250, TML200 Forks, S-Cart300L

  • Payload:  200 kg / 441 lbs

  • Size (l x w x h):  780 mm x 560 mm x 70 mm / 30.7” x 22” x 2.8”

  • Stroke:  40 mm / 1.6”

  • Works as a lifter to transport crates, pallets, racks or shelf carts

  • Lifts pallets or crates directly off pallet rack PR250

  • Comes with centering cones for lifting and transporting the S-Cart300L, ideal if working on floors with reduced friction, i.e. polished or dusty

  • Cargo sensor for detecting load on module avoids errors at pickup and drop off

  • Mounting holes for attaching equipment

  • Comes with ROEQ Assist software which integrates with MiR software for an easier implementation

  • Easily adapts to performing multiple tasks


  • Robot compatibility:  MiR600, MiR1350

  • Payload 

  • MiR600:  440 kg / 970 lbs

  • MiR1350:  1200 kg / 2645 lbs 

  • Size (l x w):  1260 mm x 820 mm / 49.6” x 32.3”

  • Lifter height without robot:  140 mm – 380 mm / 5.5” – 15”

  • Stroke:  240 mm / 9.4”

  • Attachment holes:  957 mm x 650 mm / 37.7” x 25.6”

  • Thread size:  M12

  • Can pick up and deliver goods of different heights

  • Lifter doesn’t have to return to its lowest position for transport to reduce operation time

  • Compact when lowered (140 mm / 5.5”)

  • Works with pallet racks, stationary pick-up stations with rollers/gravity rollers

  • Equipped with mounting holes for customized accessories (i.e. fork plates)

Our team of robotic specialists will work with you to find the best solution for your application, performing evaluations through proof-of-concept testing & time studies.  We’ll help you select the ideal applications and then conduct simulations to test and demonstrate that the robot will meet your requirements.

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