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Joulin, the inventor of the foam vacuum gripper, manufactures innovative handling systems from the simple foam vacuum gripper integrated on your palletizing robots to the complete turnkey stacker for the wood industry.  Whether your products are light or heavy, wrapped or inside a carton, packaged by units or layers, on a pallet or conveyor, dry or wet, Joulin has either a standard or custom gripper that can handle it. 

Product Information

Foam Grippers

Foam grippers operate at a lower pressure but higher flow than suction cups.  The lifting capacity is generated by the larger surface that is in contact with the products and the higher flow allows the foam grippers to be less sensitive to contamination, porosity, and irregular product shapes than traditional suction cups.  Joulin’s foam gripper is a multi-functional tool that doesn’t require adjustments enabling it to replace several End of Arm Tools on the same gripping hand.

  • Significant air flow rate allows for the compensation of any residual leakage

  • Foam adapts to irregularities in the shape and thickness of the products

  • No need to change settings when changing products to be lifted



From Ø 25 mm to Ø 70 mm for round and from 20 x 80 mm to 40 x 100 mm for rectangular

Easy to retrofit on existing cups or pump system

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Safe & Light

Reduced weight & all foam design

Handle all products without any adjustments

Rugged & not affected by dust

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Available in 80 mm round or square, 100 mm round and 120 mm square

Modular for easy adjustment

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Aluminum profile

Easily adaptable on existing equipment

External vacuum source or internal with venturi ejector

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Plug & Pick

Switch between items without any adjustments

Quick connect 10 mm compressed air connections

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Value Gripper

Pick up single products or side by side with at least 70% of the surface cover

Quick pick and release

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Bag Handler

Picks up bags or other shrink wrapped products

Sized to fit your bags

Ready to use, vacuum source included

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Palletizer Pro

Gripping power remains constant whether single parts or entire layers

Adjustable lifting capacity

Pick up all products

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Lumber Gripper

Ideal for wood industry

Tolerant of the dusty and dirty environment

Easy and quickfoam change

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Joulin Vacuum Grippers Presentation

Inboxing Bags of Buns

Palletizing Cardboard Boxes with Joulin

To discuss your application or request a robotic evaluation

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