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ExtruGrip Foam Vacuum Gripper

  • Joulin’s technology integrated in an aluminum profile

  • External vacuum source or internal with venturi ejectors

  • Different foam patterns available to fit your application

  • Easy to adapt to existing equipment

  • Integrated pick/release module on the EGB version

  • Modular design for picking layers of product

  • Adaptable in length up to 3000 mm (118 in)

  • Maximum rigidity

  • Partial layer picking or release of individual products is possible

  • Check valves or calibrated ports available

  • Extrusion grooves ease installation

  • Designed for modularity



extrugrip spec.jpg

Our team of robotic specialists will work with you to find the best solution for your application, performing evaluations through proof-of-concept testing & time studies.  We’ll help you select the ideal applications and then conduct simulations to test and demonstrate that the robot will meet your requirements.

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