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Zebra’s comprehensive portfolio of machine vision hardware and software tools is ready for everything from basic track-and-trace to complex recognition and guidance tasks. From OCR and visual inspection to robot guidance and 3D sensing, you’ll see more with Zebra.

Zebra Aurora Software

Bring a new level of simplicity to manufacturing and logistics automation. Zebra Aurora is the unified software platform that makes it easy to set up, deploy and run Zebra’s fixed industrial scanners and machine vision smart cameras. Aurora eliminates the need to master different software platforms and makes it easy to access advanced imaging tools.

Aurora Design Assistant

Aurora Design Assistant is an integrated development environment (IDE) that uses flowchart-based workflows to build machine vision applications with no need for traditional coding, so you can fast-track development and bring solutions online quicker.

Aurora Imaging Library

Aurora Imaging Library is the software development kit (SDK) with a deep collection of tools for image capture, processing, analysis, annotation, display and archiving. Code-level access ensures full customization, maximum flexibility and greater performance optimization to tackle visions tasks from simple image capture to complex 3D or deep learning applications.

Zebra Fixed Industrial Scanners


Ideal for high-volume industrial applications, Zebra’s fixed scanners follow items through production, storage and fulfillment operations.

Zebra Smart Sensors and Cameras

From simple track-and-trace to complex quality inspection, Zebra’s Smart Sensors and Machine Vision Cameras automate critical operations.

Customer focused. Results driven.

For more than 40 years, Automation, Inc. has been a leading distributor of motion, machine vision, pneumatic, electrical, process control and machine components.

Contact us today to learn more about Zebra’s comprehensive portfolio of fixed industrial scanning and machine vision solutions.

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