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SensoPart is a leading manufacturer of photoelectric sensors and image processing for today’s factory automation.  Their industrial sensor product line is of the highest precision and quality.  SensoPart sensors can be found across a variety of industries including Automotive, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics, Packaging, Lab Automation, Assembly & Handling and many more.

Product Information

Image processing vision sensors, photoelectric sensors as well as inductive and ultrasonic sensors from SensoPart are used to cover a vast number of industrial automation tasks.  From pick & place and screw insertion applications to machine tending and more, you can rely on SensoPart for precise guidance and identification.

Optical Sensors

Distance Sensor 2.png

Distance Sensors

Triangulation for near-field

Time-of-flight for long distances

Fast and accurate measurement

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Color Contrast Sensor.png

Color & Contrast Sensors

Accurate and high-speed detection of the subtlest differences

Numerous outputs & interfaces for easy system integration

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Photoelectric Sensor_edited.jpg

Photoelectric Sensor

Sophisticated laser technology

Highly accurate small part detection

Wide variety of setting options

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VISOR® Vision Sensors

Code Reader_edited.jpg

VISOR® Code Reader

Reliably reads barcodes & more

Supplementary object detection

Evaluation of quality parameters

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Object AI_edited.jpg

VISOR® Object AI

AI Technology for industrial automation

Train with a few images

Reliable results even with varying processes & products

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Object AI_edited.jpg

     VISOR® Object

Precise position determination

Easy to use calibration

Detect presence & completeness, position & quality control

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VISOR® Robotic

Calibration methods tailored to the application

Provides 3D object poses fast

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VISOR® Allround

VISOR® Object & Code Reader in one device

Multishot function reveals minimal height differences

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     VISOR® Solar

Precise position detection

Detection of breakouts & holes

Easy integration

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Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic Sensors 1.png

Reliable detection of objects with critical surfaces

Simple adjustment via teach-in control input or display

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Inductive Sensors

Inductive Sensors 1.png

Detection of metallic objects

Flush, quasi-flush & non-flush mounting

Versions for standard or increased switching distances

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   Variety of options to meet all needs & ensure the reliability of your automation solution

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VISOR® Robotic Application: 

Automated Screw Insertion

VISOR® Robotic Application:  Pick & Place with Universal Robots

VISOR® Code Reader:  The Ultimate Solution in Easy or Difficult Applications

To discuss your application or request an application evaluation

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