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Deploying robots can reduce production costs, increase productivity, and help fill the skills gap currently found on the manufacturing floors of small, medium, and large sized organizations.  You can rely on Robotiq’s tools and expertise to simplify your collaborative robot application and get production started faster.  As an end of arm tooling manufacturer, Robotiq’s goal is to free human hands from repetitive tasks.  By equipping cobots with grippers, sensing & vision components and application kits, human hands can work on jobs that require higher level skills enabling you to access the true value of your team and move your business forward.

Product Information

Products and solutions from Robotiq make automating tasks easier so that you can get started faster.  Complete solutions for palletizing, machine tending and screwdriving have been developed using collaborative robots from Universal Robots to speed installation and deployment.  Need a more customized solution or the ability to re-deploy your cobot?  Robotiq’s plug and play components affix to your robotic arm providing design and application versatility.

Complete Solutions

Robotiq Palletizing Solution_3Drender_02.png


Three integrated solutions available Up to 13 picks per minute
Max payload of up to 40 lbs
(with optional gripper)

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Machine Tending Solution_full cell_01_ed

Machine Tending

Create programs 75% faster
Increase production hours
Reduce do

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Tool changeovers in 5 minutes
Increase through put
Reduce risk of employee injury

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Eliminate changeovers

Pick different sizes and shapes

Reduce tooling costs

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Sensing and Vision

Easily program complex tasks

Adapt quickly to workplane and task changeovers

Increase cell reliability & flexibility

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Application Kits

Quickly automate sanding tasks

Increase quality & productivity

Reduce injury

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Plug and Play Components

Production Monitoring

Monitor your Universal Robots remotely

Get real-time alerts & restart production faster

Data helps improve process efficiency & product quality

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Additional Resources


Meet the Robotiq Palletizing Solution

Meet the Robotiq Machine Tending Solution

Meet the Robotiq Screwdriving Solution

To discuss your application or request a robotic evaluation

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