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When to reach out and engage with an Automation, Inc Team member?

Sometimes when people look to automate processes in their plant it can be a simple solution, but other times it can a very daunting task. Often customers start reaching out and engaging with local factory support after they have struggled to find the proper components or get to a point where they are stuck on how to tackle a problem. Many times, a lot of these frustrations could have been spared by engaging earlier on in the design process.

Automation, Inc. is a value added distributor of automation components. What that means is we do more then just provide the parts to automate our customers process. We also provide application support and design assistance. To our customers it is more than just helping with difficult applications. It also means we can help to save time and money by offloading some of the design and assembly of subsystems in their processes.

So, when is a good time to engage with Automation, Inc.’s Application Engineers and Sales Force? The earlier the better. The sooner you bring an application to our teams the easier it is to help you define a scope of work and help in the selection of proper components and subsystems that will be needed. Automation, Inc also has a wide network of integrators we can pull from to assist with any challenge big or some. With over 30 years of experience, Automation, Inc. can leverage what we have learned to help you design a better, more efficient automation solution.


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