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QC Conveyor AS40 Automation Series

Updated: May 24, 2021

AS40 conveyors are end drive belt conveyors, the most common conveyor type thanks to their versatile and cost-conscious design. Automation Series conveyors are designed with you in mind, featuring a wide array of options that suit them for any application from robotic assembly and automotive to pharmaceuticals and packaged foods.



Pivot Drives are unique to AS40 conveyors. They can be positioned at any point above or below the conveyor. When positioned below the conveyor, the belt is the highest point on the conveyor.



AS40 frames are designed to maintain alignment and prolong belt and bearing life. Conveyors 18” wide and under are a sturdy single-piece box construction, and conveyors 18” and wider feature a rigid aluminum/steel frame.



Tension Release tails flip up at the push of a button, releasing tension on the belt to allow the operator to clean under the belt in the event of spills. Tracking and tension settings are maintained when the tail is snapped back into place.



AS40 conveyors use crowned pulleys to take advantage of the natural tendency of belts to run centered on the longest part of the conveyor. V-guide belts are available for applications that require side-entering or -exiting.


5 Day Lead Times

AS40 conveyors built with our most popular belt options qualify for the Quick Shipment Program!


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