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Parker Pneumatic Flow Controls

Pneumatic flow controls work in applications ranging from factory automation and packaging to food wash down and welding. Flow controls allow machine operators to tailor the speed of their cylinders depending on their work flow. This improves production time and efficiency. Parker even offers custom solutions to help you achieve your objective in the most cost effective way. Example could be Vibra-Seal, white thread sealant and nickel-plating to custom machined brass parts tailored to your specific application.

Stainless Steel Flow Controls

  • Stainless steel body and one-piece collet offer exceptional chemical resistance

  • Smooth hygienic design reduces retention zones for easy cleaning

  • FDA compliant

Composite Flow Controls

  • Glass-reinforced nylon body reduces weight and cost

  • Nickel-plated threads ensure solid port connection

  • Stainless steel grab ring prevents side load and optimizes tube retention

Metal Flow Controls

  • Electroless nickel-plated body durable in rugged environments

  • Nitrile d-seal and stainless steel grab ring reduce tube insertion force and optimizes tube retention

  • Resistant to abrasion, chemicals, and sparks


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