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Mitsubishi MR-J4-TM Multi-Network Servo with EtherNet/IP™

The MR-J4-TM multi-network servo with EtherNet/IP amplifier and compatible motors is not your average servo solution. The MR-J4-TM leverages the high fidelity response of the flagship MR-J4 product line, with ease of use, and solution integration of EtherNet/IP. The MR-J4-TM is packed with advanced features to reduce maintenance requirements, improve machine speed and performance, and increase product quality.

Key Benefits

  • EtherNet/IP compatibility – provides excellent compatibility with ControlLogix® and CompactLogix™ controllers, and easy system integration

  • Familiar programming with Add-On Instructions (AOIs) – Programming in Studio 5000 Logix Designer® is easy using AOIs that mimic native motion instructions for a seamless and intuitive transition.

  • One-Touch Auto-Tuning™ – Fast, trouble free servo tuning that really works. Get optimum performance with no tuning experience necessary.

  • Short settling times – Industry-leading performance with 2.5 kHz speed frequency response

  • High resolution encoders – High speed and accuracy with absolute 4,194,304 pulse/rev encoders

  • Advanced Vibration Suppression Control II™ – Suppress vibration both on the load and the machine base

  • Clean installation – No additional motion controllers or protocol converters are required

  • Machine diagnosis function – Avoid unnecessary downtime due to mechanical component wear and tear

Outstanding Performance

  • Add-On Instructions (AOI) with Studio 5000 Logix Designer® – The MR-J4-TM with EtherNet/IP can be controlled using pre-configured AOIs to tackle motion tasks at no additional charge. The pre-configured instructions mimic native motion instructions to enable users of Contrologix® and Compactlogix™ to intuitively configure this new high performance servo drive.

  • Reduce downtime – The Vibration Tough Drive™ feature automatically readjusts when a change in machine resonance frequency is detected, reducing wear and tear on mechanical components and maintaining optimal performance. As mechanical components wear, the machine diagnosis function will detect changes in machine parts (ball screw, guide, bearing, belts) and changes in the vibration of the system. The MR Configurator2 software analyzes the data to aid in scheduling preventative maintenance.

  • Improve machine efficiency – The MR-J4 servo drives feature advanced One-Touch Auto-Tuning that sets gains and filters in real-time. Over the life cycle of the machine, continuous tuning optimizes gains to minimize setting time and overshoot.


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