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Mitsubishi Gemini 3D Simulator Software

Easily Design, Adjust & Adapt Your Mitsubishi Electric Automated Equipment Lines With MELSOFT Gemini 3D Simulator Software

Welcome to more efficient, accurate and accelerated system development, from initial installation planning to existing line adjustments. Mitsubishi Electric’s MELSOFT Gemini 3D Simulator Software lets you virtually verify line equipment before you install onsite to shorten product time to market. Quickly construct animated 3D models to simulate operations, analyze scenarios and reduce rework labor costs by troubleshooting issues on the spot.

  • Drag and drop from our comprehensive e-catalog to easily visualize the placement of equipment and personnel.

  • Sync your Gemini 3D model with your iQ Works programs to confirm control logic BEFORE activating machines.

  • Bypass OPC servers for faster updates and more accurate simulations.

  • Remotely reproduce problems for efficient troubleshooting and maintenance.


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