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IRIS Factory Automation

IRIS Factory Automation leverages their expertise in automated inspection, robotics, and data collection to serve a multitude of industries and applications. Customers appreciate their out-of-the-box approach to design, their modest footprints, and consideration for product flexibility and changeover.

RPZ-10 Collaborative Palletizing

Available in either single or double pallet configurations, the RPZ-10 has a modest footprint and multiple infeed options, making it conducive to most any end of palletizing application.

Designed to ship fast, deploy faster, and have an immediate impact on labor shortages. Collaborative palletizers have a footprint barely larger than two pallets and a typical ROI of fewer than 18 months. Learn more....

RPZ-MAX Industrial Palletizing

Built to handle heavier payloads and faster rates while still maintaining a simple to use interface and small footprint, the RPZ-MAX provides high rate and weight with the flexibility you’ve come to expect from IRIS. This solution eliminates the repetitive task of palletizing boxes, allowing operators to focus on higher-level tasks and avoid unnecessary downtime.

  • Dual side palletizing

  • Flexible end of arm tooling

  • Fast deployment

  • Easy, intuitive setup

  • Integrated palletizing wizard

  • Payloads up to 80kg


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