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Industrial Robot Applications

As an industry leader in factory automation, Mitsubishi Electric can help you choose the right robot for your application and put you on the path to improve production.


Case Packing

Mitsubishi Electric has helped companies automate packing for everything from apples to air fresheners, automotive parts, home brew beer kits and eyeglass lenses. Every one of these customers has benefitted from the increased quality, consistency, reliability and throughput that Mitsubishi's industrial robots deliver. One candy company increased throughput by almost 30 percent by adding more production time without adding more people.

Customers appreciate the easy way these industrial robots integrate into their existing production lines and the expertise Mitsubishi Electric provides to ensure implementation is smooth and automated applications run as planned. Whether you need to pack single or multiple cases per cycle or change end-of-arm tooling, you can always count on Mitsubishi Electric to get it done right every time.



When it comes to palletizing, Mitsubishi Electric industrial robots are very flexible. Customers have used them for end-of-line palletizing in one- and two-input configurations and for central palletizing applications.

These robots pick cases or bags ranging from one kilogram to 20 kilograms. They can pick up single or multiple cases at a time, handle 6 to 20 picks a minute and stack to heights ranging from 40 inches to 88 inches. They can also pack to patterns that alternate by levels, insert slip sheets and handle mixed loads.

Customers appreciate the improved throughput, space savings and enhanced safety Mitsubishi robots enable. One auto parts manufacturer saves up to $200,000 per year in workman’s compensation claims. Customers also like the fact that their industrial robots create more stable pallets and eliminate damaged products.


Machine Tending

If you have a machine tending application with parts that weigh up to 50 kilograms, Mitsubishi has an industrial robot that can do it. Their robots have automated machine tending for everything from high-precision medical parts to electronic equipment for aerospace applications all the way up to mounting surfaces for vehicles. Anything that can be picked up by a human operator can be handled by these industrial robots.

Small machine shops appreciate the fact that Mitsubishi robots require no breaks or holidays and expand operating hours. These robots require less programming, which larger facilities find very appealing.

Customers of all sizes benefit from reduced labor requirements and the ability to better leverage the talent they have. Machine operators can manage multiple machines instead of having to run just one.



Gluing. 3D printing. Polishing. Grinding. Soldering. If your application requires adding or removing material, Mitsubishi is almost sure to have an industrial robot that can increase your efficiency, consistency and quality control.

Companies who use Mitsubishi industrial robots for processing applications do so because they can perform dangerous or repetitive tasks with a high degree of accuracy. When a medical device company went from manual to automated ultrasonic welding of plastic parts, their part rejection went from 10-12 percent to less than 1 percent. The reason? The robot system precisely performs the same task in the same way every time.



For accuracy, precision and force-sensing insertion, Mitsubishi industrial robots really excel. They have been used for everything from assembling watches to consumer electronics and automotive components. If it’s 10 kilograms or under, we have the perfect robot for your assembly line application.

Companies large and small appreciate the increased production speed and consistency provided by these robots. They can help you optimize workflow, improve quality, increase capacity or produce a wider array of products.

Mitsubishi robots are also affordable. They helped an automotive manufacturer keep production costs low, so they could keep production here instead of moving it offshore. And we will get you up and running with minimal interruption to your daily operations.


Tray Handling

Removing or placing objects in trays isn't rocket science, but tray handling automation does require a fair amount of manipulation. Each part must be placed in a tray in the proper position with the correct orientation. Mitsubishi industrial robots have handled things as diverse as candy and electronics on trays the size of a laptop on up to the size of a small table.

These robots work faster and more accurately than people can and with a much smaller footprint. One company was able to decrease the size of their solar assembly production line by 30 percent.

We can help you retrofit your production line too and keep it humming along at a consistently-fast pace while maintaining accuracy. We can also help you reduce repetitive stress injuries in operators.


Get In Touch

If you're ready to see how Mitsubishi Electric has the right industrial robot for your factory, plant or warehouse, let's connect.


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