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When Applications Demand a Safe Environment


Safety Exhaust Valve Function

When applications demand a safe environment you can count on safety valves from Parker Hannifin. The P33 family of safety exhaust valves are 3/2 normally closed valves designed to rapidly exhaust compressed air in the event of a fault condition and to provided monitored coverage ensuring safe function. The valve is suitable for use up to Category 4, performance level e. Monitoring is achieved externally via a two channel system connected to a safety interface device. Both valves are available with an adjustable soft start and high flow exhaust to shut your equipment down faster when needed. LED’s provide clear status of main solenoid operation, sensor power and fault condition for quick visual reference. Optionally, the P33 can be ordered with a threaded exhaust flange. This threaded opening allows the exhaust to be piped away with rigid piping for cabinet enclosures or for environments wishing to eliminate the exhaust air from the atmosphere.


Externally Monitored Valve, Faults and Resets

The externally monitored valve has the monitoring done via a PLC or relay which offers a size and cost advantage over internally monitored valves. The integration of a safety interface into the PLC or relay will help determined the achievable category and performance level of the control system. Customers are required to provide the logic function via the safety device. The valve will lockout to the “safe state” if asynchronous movement of the valve elements occur which will be detected by solid state pressure sensors. To achieve the proper safety rating, the safety PLC or relay must monitor the solid state pressure sensors to ensure they are not in different states for more than 150ms. If the sensors are in different states for longer than 150ms then the programming logic must shut off power to the solenoids and consider it a fault condition. If during operation the externally monitored P33 enters a fault condition the valve will shut off. A separate reset signal must be incorporated into the logic sequence to avoid automatic restart of the valve. The safety exhaust valves are not for use with clutch or brake applications and are designed for use in conjunction with a safety relay or safety PLC for safe monitoring and fault detection.


Achieving Desired Performance Level **

The category and performance level (PLr) needed for your machine is determined by a risk assessment of the machinery design and application based on EN ISO 13849-1. The Parker P33 safety valve is designed for those applications requiring a PL of d or e. Please note these levels require other aspects of the system to meet these requirements. As a guide: you can achieve a Cat 4 PL e system by integrating monitoring via a programmable safety rated device. Because the P33 is a mechanical fail-safe device, the monitoring could also be done via a standard PLC and still attain as high as a PL d rating.

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