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Nachi Robotic's CFD Controller

For use with MZ Series robots, Nachi’s CFD controller is the smallest in class and can be placed inside of the robot riser to conserve space in the workspace. 


Controls the entire work cell and peripheral equipment using built-in standard software PLC.

  • Stores up to 9,999 programs and 2,560,000 program steps

  • Backs up directly to USB drive to prevent loss of programming data

  • Reduced power consumption lowers power bills

  • Supports both high-performance full color touch screen teach pendant and compact teach pendant

  • Supports Nachi NV-Pro vision sensor, force feedback sensors and servo driven gripper mechanisms

  • Offline programming support through Nachi “FD On Desk Light” capable of program creation, cycle time analysis, PLC editing, program verification and more


cfd spec.png

Our team of robotic specialists will work with you to find the best solution for your application, performing evaluations through proof-of-concept testing & time studies.  We’ll help you select the ideal applications and then conduct simulations to test and demonstrate that the robot will meet your requirements.

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