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MiR1200 Pallet Jack

Through smarter, faster, and more efficient material handling, the MiR1200 Pallet Jack dominates pallet handling.  This state-of-the-art solution revolutionizes internal pallet transportation, automating detection, transport, and delivery of EU pallets up to 1200 kg (2,645 lbs) at 1.5 m/sec (3.3 mph).  Its breakthrough AI-based pallet perception system enhances throughput, reducing pick-and-place cycle times, leading to increased productivity.

This agile robot operates continuously, with long-lasting battery capacity and opportunity charging for uninterrupted performance, relieving employees from heavy lifting and monotonous tasks.  The MiR1200 complies with the latest safety standards and navigates tight spaces effortlessly, avoiding people and other obstacles.

Pallet Jack No Background.png
  • AI-based perception enables shrink-wrapped pallet recognition and fast, precise, and reliable pallet detection

  • Built for challenging environments with IP52 rating and a reliable industrial design

  • Analyzes the landing zone with a 3D sensor for detection of obstacles on the floor, overhead, and around, ensuring precise and secure pallet placement

  • Load-jam detection enables the robot to safely interact with compromised pallets

  • High battery-capacity and fast charging for working in 24/7 workflows

  • Complies with present safety standards, ISO3691-4, detects and avoids obstacles up to the full height of the robot

  • Manual tiller for easy interaction with employees used to working with traditional forklifts


mir1200palletjack spec.jpg

Our team of robotic specialists will work with you to find the best solution for your application, performing evaluations through proof-of-concept testing & time studies.  We’ll help you select the ideal applications and then conduct simulations to test and demonstrate that the robot will meet your requirements.

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