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Melton Machine & Control Company

Struggling to find skilled welders or frustrated by inconsistent, poor-quality welds? Automated welding with Collaborative Robots (Cobots) will help you solve these problems.  Melton Machine & Control has been designing and building collaborative welding units since 2017.  Their robotic machines provide flexibility combined with a user-friendly framework; robot experience not required.  As a Universal Robots Certified System Integrator, Melton works as a part of our team and supports you from design to setup & training as well as providing ongoing support.  Whether your application can utilize a turn-key solution, or you need a customized system, automated welding tools:


  • Produce consistent, quality welds.

  • Reduce scrap and rework rates, boosting profitability.

  • Fill hiring gaps currently left open due to welder shortages.

  • Increase productivity and avoid unnecessary downtime.

Product Information

Two turn-key welding systems are available from Melton Machine and Control and accommodate a variety of processes including Tack-Welding, Weaving, Linear Welds and Circular Welds. The CoboWeld systems are flexible, easy to use, and can be re-deployed to different applications within your shop.  Someone with little to no robot experience can learn to program the robot within a few minutes getting you up and running and reducing downtime.


  • MMCC software makes it easy to program in less than 20 minutes.

  • Fast deployment.

  • Works with different sizes, shapes, and applications.

  • Features Universal Robots UR10e, UR20e and UR5e (CoboWeld TIG only).


CoboWeld MIG

High-heat applications                          Faster process                                      Larger welds

Download datasheet


CoboWeld TIG

Low-heat applications

Slower process

Visually appealing welds

Download datasheet

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To discuss your application or request a robotic evaluation

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