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IRIS Factory Automation

Automation isn’t just for the big guys anymore. IRIS Factory Automation specializes in small-form-factor, flexible, and cost-effective end-of-line palletizing solutions. Small and medium-sized companies have the same efficiency goals as large manufacturers and the IRIS solution helps achieve them. Deploying a palletizer at the end of your production line:


  • Eliminates repetitive box stacking allowing workers to complete higher-level tasks.

  • Fills hiring gaps currently left open due to labor shortages.

  • Increases productivity and avoids unnecessary downtime.

  • Decreases risk of injury resulting from constant lifting, twisting, and bending.

Product Information

Three turn-key palletizers are available from IRIS to match your application reach, payload, and speed requirements.  The user interface for all models features icon-based instructions and easy to understand indicators to operate the system with the simplicity and ease of consumer electronics.  Experience the following by employing IRIS Palletizers to complete your end-of-line processes:


  • Dual side palletizing keeps production lines moving.

  • Small footprint doesn’t occupy a large amount of floor space.

  • Fast deployment in 1 – 3 days and decreased downtime.

  • Intuitive user experience; robotics expertise not required.

  • Flexible End of Arm Tooling accommodates a variety of packages.


RPZ-10 Cobot Palletizer

Max payload of 21 lbs

Max pick rate of 6 cycles/min

Max pallet height of 68"

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RPZ-Max Industrial Palletizer

Max payload up to 176 lbs (less EOAT)

Max pick rate of 10 cycles/min

Max pallet height of full trailer height

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Max payload of 44 lbs

Max pick rate of 7 cycles/min

Max pallet height of 83"

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Additional Resources

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