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Destaco is a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance automation, work holding, and remote handling solutions.  Their comprehensive line of Robohand Grippers is used throughout a variety of industries including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods.  Numerous gripper options are available to support applications such as pick and place, packaging, machine tending, parts handling, and more.

Product Information

Electric Actuation Grippers

Destaco’s Robohand electric grippers require zero maintenance and deliver faster installation, lower maintenance costs, and increased reliability over traditional pneumatic grippers.  Discrete output from an industry standard controller such as a PLC controls their open and closed operation.  Robohand electric grippers are the most durable and convenient grippers in the industry and are ideal for fixturing, testing, and plastic injection molding applications.

RPE Series.jpg

RPE Series

Grip Force Range: 5N

Stroke Range: 4mm

Actuation (open/close): 100 ms

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DPE Series.jpg

DPE Series

Grip Force Range: 111N - 1334N

Stroke Range: 10 - 25mm

Actuation (open/close): 250 - 800ms

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Pneumatic Actuation Grippers

The Robohand pneumatic gripper from Destaco is a type of pneumatic actuator gripping solution which includes tooling fingers or jaws that are used to grasp an object.  The grippers run on compressed air and can pick up, place, hold, and release objects while an action is being executed.  They are ideal for a variety of applications in the Aerospace, Automotive, Food and Packaging, and Consumer Goods markets.

Angular Grippers

RUA Series.jpg

RUA Series

2-Jaw with Cylindrical Spring Assist

Grip Force (100 psi): 384 - 5490 N

Total Stroke: 15.9° - 19.1° per finger

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RA Series.jpg

RA Series

Toggle locking mechanism

Grip Force (110 psi): 311 - 1112 N

Total Stroke: 6° - 90° per finger

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RA Series - Cam Driven.png

RA Series - Cam Driven

High Grip force for the size

Grip Force (100 psi): 89 - 534 N

Total Stroke: 15° per finger    

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FUA Series.png

FUA Series

2-Jaw for Food Handling

Torque (87 psi): 29Nm @ 35° w/spring

Total Stroke: 70°

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DCT-CT Series.png

DCT/CT Series

Designed for use in confined spaces

Grip Force (100 psi): 32 - 199 N

Total Stroke: 90° for each finger

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Parallel Grippers

RTH Series.jpg

RTH Series

Powerful for heavy parts

Grip Force (100 psi): 889 - 2967 N

Total Stroke: 4 - 20mm

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RPW Series.jpg

RPW Series

Wide body for harsh environments

Grip Force (100 psi): 889 - 2967 N

Total Stroke: 64 - 20mm

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RPS Series.png

RPS Series

Sealed for Packaging & Automotive

Grip Force (100 psi): 110 - 400 N

Total Stroke: 4 - 12.7mm    

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RPR Series.jpg
RPMC Series.jpg
RPLC Series.jpg

RPR Series

Long stroke for heavy parts handling

Grip Force (100 psi): 3250 N

Total Stroke: 150 - 350mm

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RPM & RPMC Series

Miniature size for small parts

Grip Force (100 psi): 36 N

Total Stroke: 3.2 - 6.3mm

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RPL & RPLC Series

Precision parallel grippers

Grip Force (100 psi): 116 - 160 N

Total Stroke: 6.4 - 25.4mm    

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RPC Series.jpg
RPB Series.jpg
RP Series 11-12-15-17-18-19.jpg

RPC Series

Self-centering parallel gripper

Grip Force (100 psi): 445 - 3336 N

Total Stroke: 7.6 - 15.7mm

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RPB Series

Heavy-duty parallel grippers

Grip Force (100 psi): 2669 N

Total Stroke: 101.6 - 203.3mm

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RP Series

Sealed grippers for automotive

Grip Force (100 psi): 156 - 2669 N

Total Stroke: 4.1 - 50.8mm    

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RP-P Series.jpg
REP-3 Series.jpg
REP-2 Series.jpg

RP-P Series

Designed for delicate part handling

Grip Force (100 psi): 107 - 2224 N

Total Stroke: 12.7 - 76.2mm

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REP-3 Series

Multi-purpose parallel grippers

Grip Force (100 psi): 753 - 2180 N

Total Stroke: 10 - 30mm

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REP-2 Series

Cam lever parallel grippers

Grip Force (100 psi): 771 - 2233 N

Total Stroke: 10 - 30mm    

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RDH Series.jpg
PPC Series.jpg
DPW Series.jpg

RDH Series

Rugged grippers for heavy parts

Grip Force (100 psi): 693 - 1814 N

Total Stroke: 4 - 20mm

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PPC Series

For feed thru work pieces

Grip Force (100 psi): 1474 - 1642 N

Total Stroke: 10 - 20mm

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DPW Series

Designed for wide part gripping

Grip Force (100 psi): 222 - 445 N

Total Stroke: 19.1 - 50.8mm    

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DPP Series.jpg
DPL Series.jpg
DPG Series.jpg

DPP Series

Long fingers for delicate parts

Grip Force (100 psi): 120 - 214 N

Total Stroke: 6.4 - 25.4mm

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DPL Series

Long stroke, high grip force

Grip Force (100 psi): 811 - 1359 N

Total Stroke: 40 - 60mm

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DPG Series

Multi-position sensing grippers

Grip Force (100 psi): 222 N

Total Stroke: 6.4 - 25.4mm    

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DPDS Series.jpg
DPDL Series.jpg
DGC-GC Series.jpg

DPDS Series

Compact for confined spaces

Grip Force (100 psi): 62 - 222 N

Total Stroke: 3.2 - 6.4mm

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DPDL Series

For high impact applications

Grip Force (100 psi): 62 - 222 N

Total Stroke: 9.5 - 19.1mm

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DGC-GC Series

Ideal for machining applications

Grip Force (100 psi): 474 - 2318 N

Total Stroke: 20 - 60mm    

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CP Series.jpg
3P Series.jpg
2P Series.jpg

CP Series

Parallel or extended finger grippers

Grip Force (100 psi): 89 - 407 N

Total Stroke: 4 - 16mm

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3P Series

For hydraulic powered welding

Grip Force (87 psi): 678 - 2030 N

Total Stroke: 10 - 30mm

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2P Series

2-Jaw precision parallel grippers

Grip Force (87 psi): 694 - 2030 N

Total Stroke: 10 - 30mm    

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OEM Gripping Solutions.jpg

G110 & G120 Series

For OEM Gripping Solutions

Grip Force: 56 - 558 N

Total Stroke: 5 - 50mm

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wide variety offered to enhance your solution

Seal, Repair, and Mounting Kits

Valves, Fittings, Sensors, Cables   

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An Introduction to Destaco

Robohand Grippers

To discuss your application or request a robotic evaluation

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