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Apera AI

Apera AI offers 4D vision technology for robotics, enabling faster, more reliable, and scalable manufacturing automation solutions.  Apera’s goal is to make factories more productive by providing robots with human-like vision intelligence and speed.  They have unique engineering capabilities in AI and deep learning which drive measurable improvements for customers.

Product Information

4D Vision is Apera’s core technology and it is built around proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies that control object recognition and robotic pose estimation and path planning.  4D Vision is run through robotic work cells using Apera Vue Vision Software which gives robots new powers, significantly faster decision-making and resilience to changes in light.  Vue is robot-agnostic and compatible with many of the leading robot brands.

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Vue Robotic Vision Software

Industry leading total vision cycle time

Light resilience

No vision expertise needed

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4D Vision Technology

Underlying technology of Vue vision software

Human-like sight for manufacturing

Faster, smarter vision that operates in all lighting conditions

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