Conveyors and material handling equipment.
Specialized in manufacturing low profile, belt conveyors and custom conveyor systems.
Modular, low-profile conveyor systems, with slip roller accumulation, belt edge drives, and power roller.

Flexible Feeding

G-Flex is a unique flexible parts feeding solution by Graco.

Gearmotors and Gearheads

Motion & machine controllers, drives/drive controllers, rotary & linear motors, and gearheads.

Linear Bearings

Linear bearings, servo rotary tables, and ball screw actuators.

Robotic End of Arm Components

Hydraulic, air, and linear cylinders, and more.
High precision parallel and angular grippers, rotary actuators, feed escapements, linear slides, thrusters, tool changers, and robot clutches.
Includes Pneumatics, IPS, Legris, Parflex, Watts, Trilogy, CTC, Compumotor, Daedal, Origa
Multiple stage vacuum pumps, vacuum cups, and vacuum accessories.
SAS Automation designs, builds, and services End-of-Arm Tooling

Sensor Cables & Connectors

Offers sensor cables and connectors.
Electrical controls and distribution equipment. Standard and compact limit switches.
Solutions for the transmission of power, data, and control signals in industrial environments.

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers, energy absorption and vibration control products.
Extensive selection of pneumatic products.

Structural Extrusion

Parker IPS modular aluminum extrusion and engineered systems.

Vibration Isolation

Shock absorbers, energy absorption and vibration control products.