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The Scoop - Issue 7

Updated: Mar 10

February 2021

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Value Added Department

Our Value-Added technicians are able to provide many services depending on your application needs. Many times customers need a component that is not standard, 'off the shelf.' We can help with the basic assembly of components, kitting, quality testing, and will provide documentation of the work.

The services of the Value Added Department include electrical panels, control enclosures, camera mounts, modifications and sub-assemblies of standard components, and other manufacturing services.

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Featured Partner Of The Month:

QC Conveyors

Every month, we will be highlighting one of our featured manufacturing partners in our Scoop Newsletter. To view more about the manufacturer and its capabilities, please click the link below.

QC Conveyors offers a variety of solutions to fit your company's needs. Their offerings include an Automation Series, Hydroclean Series, Flextrac Series, and Industrial Series. We at Automation, Inc. can help you select the right QC Conveyor product for your unique solution.

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Industry Updates

MiR: What The Manufacturing Industry Learned From Covid-19

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented situation for the manufacturing sector globally. Supply chains are disrupted,

stopping the flow of materials and finished goods. Assembly lines are forced to change operations because of a lack of

workforce and parts and changed consumer behavior. Employee health has become a serious concern, and physical

interaction is risky.

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Parker PCH Network Portal

The PCH Network Portal offers decentralized Inputs/Outputs and IO-Link master ports opening the door to optimized machine architecture and new levels of configurability all while connecting to the 5 sizes of H Series ISO valves. Applications for this product include material handling, assembly line, end of arm tooling, and automated industrial equipment.

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Cognex Deep Learning Toolkit

Cognex Deep Learning is designed for factory automation. Its field-tested algorithms are optimized specifically for machine vision, with a graphical user interface that simplifies neural network training without compromising performance. Combining artificial intelligence (AI) with In-Sight or VisionPro software, it automates and scales complex part location, assembly verification, defect detection, classification, and character reading inspection applications that, until now, were too challenging for traditional machine vision alone.

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