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The Scoop - Issue 6

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

January 2021

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Automation, Inc. Solutions: Edge Computing

Edge computing refers to the concept of processing data closer to the data sources as opposed to a centralized location. Smartwatches are an example of edge computing. The data is collected and analyzed by the watch instead of a phone or the cloud.

AutomationInc _EdgeComputing
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New Website Launch

We are very excited to announce the re-design launch of our website at! This new platform will provide us the framework to better engage with our customers and partners. We invite you to please fill out any feedback you may have HERE.


Industry Updates

QuickDraw Accessories

Quickdraw conveyor systems offer flexibility and benefits with a variety of accessories. Lifting, rotating, shuttling, and diverting are just some of the operational capabilities of Quickdraw accessories to complete your conveying system.

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Baumer I/O Link

Sensors are already being used to record many different types of values and pieces of information. You can significantly improve your business process by making use of this information by standardizing on a digital communication interface such as I/O-Link. It is fast, flexible, and cost-effective to implement.

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