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The Scoop - Issue 4

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

November 2020

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Universal Robots - Splurge and Save

The end of 2020 is near. Take advantage of the 179 tax deduction that allows US businesses to take a 100% deduction for qualified equipment. The deduction includes off-the-shelf software. Universal Robots also allows you to reduce your labor risk when integrating their technology into your manufacturing process.

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2020 Tax Deduction - UR Robot (4)
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COMPACT10E to the compact pump program

The Piab compact pump program is now expanded with a new alternative, COMPACT10E, to complement the smaller size 10mm pump program.

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Industry Updates

ENI-VIBE Vibration Analysis

ENI-VIBE is a new vibration recording tool that captures up to 15 hours of critical data in real-time that can then be analyzed for potential areas of concern before they become a critical problem. This product comes with Enidine’s applications engineering support commitment to provide a detailed technical report with recommendations within 48 hours.

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Flextrac Series

QC Conveyors’ Flextrac™ Series Conveyor Systems demonstrate flexibility with sturdy, modular conveyors capable of inclines, declines, straight sections and curves. They can be configured to meet the needs of almost any application, including gripper elevators and alpine conveyors.

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K1 Lubrication System

NSK’s K1 Lubrication Unit is a uniquely designed system that not only lubricates but also helps minimize contamination. K1 material composition consists of 70% mineral oil and 30% polyolefin resin which ensures long-term, maintenance-free operation even under tough lubrication environments.

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