Employee Spotlight

Jared, Inside Technical Sales

Jared works on technical sales as part of our inside sales team. He has been working at Automation, Inc. for just over a year and provides application and technical support to our outside sales representatives and customers as needed. Jared also assists the inside sales team with quoting and order entry.

Jared, how has your background helped you at Automation, Inc.?

"My customer service background from retail as well as my Automation and Robotics training at Hennepin Tech allows me to switch between assisting customers and applications depending on the day. My interest in electronics has also helped tackling computer related applications."

What is your favorite thing about working at Automation, Inc.?

"The wide range of customers and product line I get to work with. I enjoy getting to work with different industries and style of technologies. Some days it is vision systems others it is pneumatics, it always keeps it fresh."

What are some of your hobbies?

"I enjoy reading science fiction/fantasy, cooking, binging Netflix with my wife, cuddling my dog, and playing video games."

What is one thing people may find suprising about you?

“I was a line cook prior to going back to school. I have an English Bulldog named Pearl and a ragdoll cat named Lili, they're our babies."