Resolution Air

Fluid separation and flow metering are now available in one high performance valve. Resolution Air, Ltd.’s unique valve design allows the benefits of pinch valve fluid separation to be combined with proportional valve control for sanitary processes requiring highly accurate fluid metering where cleanliness and sterility is required.

The Miniature Proportional Pinch Valve (MPPV-) series meets today’s demanding high resolution flow control challenges where separation between fluid and control valve is paramount. By utilizing stepper motor linear actuator technology, the MPPV achieves .0005”/step linear travel, high sealing force, low power consumption, and a locking lead screw. In addition, power is only required to adjust position not maintain position; therefore, creating further power savings. The miniature size allows for excellent opportunity for integration into portable and hand held equipment in several markets including medical equipment, bio-chemical, food and beverage.

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