Peter Paul

Peter Paul is a manufacturer of top quality & high performance products providing solutions to our customers.


  • We manufacture the majority of everything in-house which allows more control over the quality of the valve
  • All processes are vertically integrated and streamlined using continuous improvement principles. For example coils and stamping are both done in-house
  • Made in USA utilizing Lean principles and a Kanban system
  • Our seals are developed and manufactured in-house and will not deteriorate

Passivation Process

  • A better passivation method is implemented at Peter Paul. This proprietary method uses a special magnetic steel which is then dipped or passivized, eats away the exposed iron, no rust inside or outside
  • The process ensures a rust-free environment both inside and outside the valve. Particles cannot interrupt the flow or seal, hence bubble tightness and a smooth flow is guaranteed
  • Our orifice is precisely machined which creates a better flow through the valve and a bubble tight seal

Hazardous Location

  • Our hazardous location expertise is unique to the industry and is for high pressure, low pressure, high flow, low flow valve applications
  • We are the industry leader for hazardous location applications

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