Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR)

The MiR100,™ MiR200,™ MiR500,™ and MiR1000™ are safe and cost-effective mobile robots that quickly automate your internal transportation and logistics. The robots optimize workflows, freeing staff resources so you can increase productivity and reduce costs.

Increase the efficiency of internal transportation tasks with an extended-payload MiRHook™ mobile robot. MiRHook™ is a user-friendly and efficient mobile robot for fully automated pick-up and towing of carts in production, logistics and healthcare environments.

Optimize your internal transportation with a fleet of MiR robots and easy, centralized, web-based configuration. Eliminate bottlenecks and downtime with 24/7 mobile robot operation throughout your facility.

YouTube Playlist: MiR Applications

Example Applications:

  • Shelf Units for transportation around facility
  • Conveyor Band/Belts to pick up and deliver product
  • Automated Pallet Fork to detect, load, and unload pallets
  • Robotic Arm picking products from a warehouse
  • Safety Units with locks to deliver medicine or confidential items

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