Compact Automation (ITT)

Compact Automation Products belongs to the ITT family of companies. We can supply you with the latest technologies Air Cylinders for pneumatic linear reciprocating motion and Linear Actuators that can use different mediums to achieve straight line motion control. With bore sizes from 8mm to 8 inches and forces up to 5,000 pounds, our small but powerful products are some of the easiest to repair in the field. We also specialize in customizing and modifying standard cylinder designs to fit your specific application requirements.

Compact Automation, is a market-leading manufacturer of space-efficient linear and rotary actuator products including, industry standard and custom pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders and accessories. Compact has a unique value proposition of small, powerful, repairable and highly configurable products. For 25 years our continuing focus on customer service and support, on time delivery and lean manufacturing allows us to provide you with quality products and services, on time, every time. 

We make complex automation simple by offering a vast array of highly customized actuation products. With more standard options than any company in the industry, as well as the ability to produce fully custom products at any volume, you can always get the exact product you need, when you need it.

With our 16 patents, we have manufactured over 50,000 modified and custom designs. With an additional 12 patents within the Turn-Act product line, we are a leading manufacturer of rotary actuators and multi-motion devices. We sell these products through a highly capable distribution network that can assist customers with application specifications and product support. We are dedicated to producing quality products that deliver high power in a small package and are fully repairable. With sizes from 8 mm to 8 inches with forces up to 5,000 lbs. and easily field repairable, we have the right products to meet your application requirements.

Our online configuration tools give customers the ability to build custom products the way they need them, not designing equipment around the actuator. Experience for yourself the Compact Automaton Difference.

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Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota
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Robotic End of Arm Components, Robotic End of Arm Components, Ball Valves, Cylinders, Flow Controls, Grippers, Robotic End of Arm Components, Rotary Actuators, Slides & Thrusters, End of Arm Tooling