Cognex supplies machine vision systems that gauge, guide, inspect, count, and identify products on the fastest production lines. As an automation solution provider, we can help you leverage machine vision In-Sight® platforms to give you a competitive advantage. Cognex advanced machine vision & industrial barcode reader systems deliver instant improvements to any manufacturing process, enabling products to be made at higher speed, without defects and at lower cost.

Featured Products

DataMan® 150/260 Series Fixed-mount Barcode Readers

The DataMan® 150/260 series fixed-mount, image-based barcode readers deliver unprecedented performance, flexibility, and ease-of-use for 1D linear barcodes, higher-density 2D codes, or direct part mark (DPM) codes.

In-Sight® 2000 Vision Sensors

Cognex In-Sight® 2000 series vision sensors combine the power of In-Sight vision systems with the simplicity and affordability of an industrial sensor. Ideal for error-proofing applications, these vision sensors set new standards for value, ease of use, and flexibility thanks to a powerful combination of proven In-Sight vision tools, simple setup, and modular design.

In-Sight® 7000 Series Vision System

The In-Sight® 7000 is a full-featured, powerful vision system that performs fast, accurate inspections of a wide range of parts across all industries. Its compact footprint easily fits into space-constrained production lines and the unique, modular design is highly field-customizable to your application requirements.

In-Sight® Laser Profiler

The In-Sight® Laser Profiler is a measurement system used to verify dimensionality for gauging, inspection, and ID applications. The system combines Cognex displacement sensor heads, the In-Sight VC200 vision controller, and industry-leading algorithms to extract profiles, perform highly accurate measurements and analyze results.

In-Sight® VC200 Multi Smart Camera Vision System

The In-Sight® VC200 multi smart camera vision system brings the proven reliability of standalone In-Sight vision systems to multi camera vision applications. You can easily attach up to four In-Sight smart cameras to a controller for multi-view inspections in your manufacturing environment. 


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