Mitsubishi PLC Training


Automation Inc.
4830 Azelia Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55429


GX-Works3 is the latest generation of programming and maintenance software offered by Mitsubishi Electric specifically designed for the IQ-R and IQ-F PLC Platform.
The goal of this course is to demonstrate the ease of use of the Mitsubishi Software and allow you to walk away feeling confident in your ability to program or troubleshoot Mitsubishi’s newest hardware and software platform.

Training is led by Automation, Inc.'s product specialist, Dustin Olson.

January 9th from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Agenda Topics:

  • Brief Overview of MEAUs Next Generation PLCs
  • E-Manual Viewer (Help Menus)
  • System Addressing and Labels
  • Basic Instructions (Timers, Counters, Data Conversion)
  • Setup of Built in Analog Features

Who should attend?

Engineers or technicians with a basic understanding of ladder programming and PLCs.


  • $195 per student, we will be contacting you a few weeks prior to the training for credit card payment

*Please note that if you cancel within one (1) week of the class you will be charged 50% for late cancellation.

There is no need to bring anything; all the hardware will be provided for the training.

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