Digital Transformation with InduSoft Web Studio: Software for IoT Edge, HMI, & SCADA solutions

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InduSoft Web Studio is an easy-to-use complete solution for projects that range from IoT Edge gateways, local panel HMI interfaces, up to control-room SCADA systems, all included in a single configuration environment, with portability on the runtime stations from Linux, VxWorks, Windows Embedded, Windows Desktop to Windows Server.

This tool provides unparalleled interoperability with built-in drivers for 200+ protocols, in addition to standard OPC DA/UA/XML/.NET interfaces, and patented solution to store/retrieve data from any SQL Relational Databases. The graphical interface can be accessed from multiple devices and platforms based on the native HTML5 standard, providing mobility (iPads, iPhones, Android devices, etc).

Fabio Terezinho has 25+ years of experience in software for Industrial Automation, and currently works as the P&L Leader for InduSoft, which is a business unit from Aveva – the largest provider of software for Industrial Automation in the world. He also leads the OEM and IoT initiatives for the Monitor & Control division of Aveva. Fabio holds a patent on Database Connectivity, a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering, and a Master degree in Business and Administration for Executives (EMBA). When Fabio is not traveling, he tries to “catch up” with his three children, in Austin, TX.

Fabio Terezinho, InduSoft P&L Leader