Employee Spotlight

Chase, Application Engineer

Chase, our application engineer based out of Nebraska, has worked at Automation, Inc. since 2016. He primarily works with customers in Nebraska and Iowa. As a remote application engineer, he provides pre-sale and post-sale technical support on our more complicated automation offerings. Primarily his time is spent working with Cognex vision hardware.

Chase, how has your background helped you at Automation, Inc.?

"My industrial control systems sales and engineering experiences provide a good foundation for developing machine vision and robotic system understanding to share with our customers."

What is your favorite thing about working at Automation, Inc.?

"I am an Automation geek. I am one of the fortunate people that found a career in a field that I find exciting. Being part of the Application Engineering team provided me the ability to continuously learn new technologies that are being introduced to the automation marketplace. Additionally, the staff on the applications team is terrific group to work with."

What do you like to do in your spare time?

"At home, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Emily and our son Ryan. We watch a lot of movies. Whenever we get a chance, we get out to enjoy some live music."

What something customers may find surprising about you?

"My previous experience was in technical sales."

"Roll Tide"

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