Parker Compumotor

Parker Compumotor specializes in servo/stepper drives and controls

Motion & Machine Controllers- Parker automation controllers have advanced features built-in, such as kinematics 
transformation for the control of robots and other non-linear functions. With a variety of communication protocol options, these controllers are easily adapted into your machine network and can help manage your internet data connectivity for machine to machine communications, with our embedded Xpress platform.

Drives & Drive/Controllers- Parker servo and stepper drives are designed to deliver a maximum amount of power output and performance. With optional integrated control capability, Add On Intructions for EtherNet/IP, and multiple communication protocols, Parker drives are optimized to ease integration and start-up.

Rotary & Linear Motors- Using advanced technologies, Parker rotary motors provide maximum torque density. Our designs also provide cog-free rotary motion for the best low-speed smoothness. Patented linear motor designs provide the greatest winding uniformity and accuracy in the industry, and our product offering scales from small linear motor components to the largest force capacity.

Gearheads- With expert machining and high precision designs, the Parker gearheads have precision options with less than three arc-minutes of backlash.  Our other gearhead options include NEMA sizes, right angle, dual drive, and more. 


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Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota
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