MiR Hook Rundown

On February 14th we hosted a MiR Hook Seminar with Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR). The MiR 100, MiR 200, and MiR Hook 200 were all present for attendees to interact with. If you missed the seminar here are some things that were discussed about how the MiR Hook can improve your internal transportation.

MiR Hook

  • 33% of MiR robots sold include a MiR Hook
  • MiR Hook can connect up to multiple types of carts, a barcode matrix tells MiR what cart it is attached to
  • MiR uses the cart dimensions for path planning and navigation
  • Your existing cart may be able to be modified to fit the requirements for MiR
  • MiR can find a cart in a 'cart parking area' or at a specific location
  • MiR Hook can reverse but we recommend pulling through to a spot because of the space requirements needed for backing a trailer


  • MiR can drive over mats, screws, and small things on the floor without problem
  • Different material and sized wheels will soon be available for increased traction on certain surfaces
  • MiR's wheek size can be recalibrated to adjust to the wheels as they are worn down


  • The included MiR software has a user friendly interface, even for less technical users
  • MiR Fleet software can interface with most ERP systems
  • MiR Fleet will coordinate all the paths of the robots so they do not get locked into a traffic deadlock

Other Cool Features

  • Setup and training is offered by MiR and Automation, Inc.
  • MiR can charge itself when the battery is getting low with the MiR Charge Station
  • MiR can last 10 hours on a full battery at max capacity and takes less than 2 hours to charge to 80%

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