The Process of Building an IPS Workstation

The IPS Design Center at Automation, Inc. has the capabilities to design, machine, and assemble a wide variety of projects ranging from small camera fixtures to large scale gantry systems. 

Parker Industrial Profile Systems (IPS), is a leading manufacturer of high-strength, T-slot aluminum framing, systems, and components. Working with Parker Hannifin’s IPS Extruded Aluminum, we are with you through every step of the process. From the initial design requirement analysis and CAD drawings, all the way through final manufacturing, assembly, and installation.

An IPS extrusion project, like a workstation, typically follows these 8 steps:

1. Meet with your sales representative and discuss your application needs. Your sales rep will be able to talk you through how we can help you based on your  industry and needs. Are you a new customer or not sure who your sales representative is? Email us at

2. If you are near the twin cities metro and have the opportunity, ask for a tour of our facility to better visualize our capabilities. Not able to visit? Explore some images taken this summer of our IPS Design Center Here

3. Work with our team of experienced IPS Designers with 26 years of experience, they are dedicated to creating a design for your custom project specifications. Some customers do have a team of busy designers on staff and choose to work with our design team to speed up the design process. Library of Parker CAD files.

4. There are many opportunities for customization; adjustable heights, vision fixtures, bins, monitors, and more can be incorporated into the design. Some examples of different workstations we have done can be found Here

5. If you need a sub-assembly or vision project incorporated into the workstation our Value Added Department and Application Engineers can provide these services and add them seamlessly to the workstation. See what our team can do: Value Added Department & Application Engineers. We can also cut extrusion pieces to length and provide them to you within a day (quantity dependent).

6. With a 10,000-square foot manufacturing and assembly area, and an average of $150,000 in IPS inventory, we can accommodate almost any size project. Once the project has been approved by your team and purchase order is cut, we will begin working on your customized workstation.

7. The IPS Design Center has the machinery and equipment to accurately and efficiently produce your project in house along with an experienced team and a production manager who has been with us for 10 years. Our machinery includes a taping machine, drill press, vertical mills, panel saw, and more. 

8. Once your project is complete we will safely pack and ship the product to your facility and follow up with you to make sure it meets your expectations!

Are you ready to take the first step of creating an IPS workstation or other project with Automation, Inc.? Please contact your Automation, Inc. sales representative or Contact Us Here.