Collaborative Robot Evaluations: Rethink Robotics

Automation, Inc. offers Collaborative Robot Evaluations and one robot that we work with is Rethink Robotics’ Sawyer. We help with picking out the applications that are most appropriate for Sawyer and then simulate the application to test and prove that Sawyer can do what is required. 

Typically, collaborative robots, like Sawyer, are considered when a company is having difficulty finding and retaining laborers, or want to bring more manufacturing back to the U.S. Sawyer is also a great option for those seeking flexible automation to automate processes that have short runs or frequent change overs. 

Our Sawyer Evaluation Process includes: 

  1. A qualified application engineer will tour the customer facility to help determine the best application to pursue with Sawyer.
  2. When an application is selected to be the focus, the application engineer will conduct a thorough proof of concept test. This consists of setting up and emulating a portion of the application to prove things such as reach, cycle times, gripper requirements, and more.
  3. Often, not all the key decision makers are able to come to our facility to see the proof of concept in person. So, we will put together a detailed video of the simulated application and process.
  4. When a Sawyer is purchased, we provide training and support to help customers implement and maintain a smooth deployment.


Sawyer uses Piab components on their standard gripper kits, and when an application requires more customized tooling, we offer Destaco Robohand grippers for mechanical gripping. A variety of ancillary components can be used with Sawyer as well, such as QC Conveyors, Schneider Electric Motion Smart Stepper Motors, Parker Pneumatics, and more.

If you might have an application for Sawyer or want to learn more, contacting your Automation, Inc. sales representative is the first step. If you are a new customer, please contact our main office at (763) 571-3336 or Contact Us and we will connect you with the right people.

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