Automation, Inc.: Machine Vision Application Engineers

Automation, Inc. offers a variety of services to our customers and an important part of this is our team of machine vision application engineers. They use expertise and hardware to provide proof of concept and feasibility studies for new vision applications.

Most of our customers are not vision experts. They may have an idea of what they need to do, but need assistance with learning how to make it happen. Our more experienced vision customers may have a general idea of what a vision inspection may entail, but they use Automation, Inc. to do the actual testing and component selection.

As a Cognex distributor, we will lead with them where applicable but machine vision also requires lighting and lensing and we work directly with major manufacturers of both including CCS America, Moritex, SmartVision, Advanced Illuminaton, Metaphase, Opto-Engineering, Navitar, Edmund Optics, and more. In addition to Cognex vision, we work with The Imaging Source and Basler cameras when the customer already has existing vision software that they prefer.

If you have a vision project or want to learn more, the best place to start is by contacting your sales person. Once information is gathered, they will bring in the appropriate engineering resource.

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