Duckling Rescue

This July we had a duckling rescue in our parking lot at Automation, Inc.! After a storm one afternoon, 10 ducklings were washed down a storm drain after following the mother duck over the storm grate that they slipped through. The mother duck was flying around the drain upset and unable to reach the ducklings. Our receptionist, Christie and Wisconsin sales engineer, Chad, went out to the parking lot to investigate.

They used a long-handled dustpan and broom to reach down into the storm drain. They were on a ledge about 8 feet down, Chad and Christie pushed them into the dustpan and raised them up out of the drain one by one. They were able to rescue all 10 ducklings and reunited them with the mother duck. They waddled off happily ever after!

  • Christie and Chad
  • Ducklings being rescued!
  • Safe with the mother duck