DECA Competition Finalist

Congratulations to our Intern from Coon Rapids High School, Samantha Torrez, for her accomplishments with DECA! DECA is a program at high schools and universities centered around creating leaders in primarily business roles. Most students who participate in DECA want to start a business or be a leader in business.  

Samantha joined DECA in the spring of 2018 and she was most excited for the internship program that connected her to Automation, Inc. Samantha wanted to learn more about business and how a company works, including what positions and roles are needed for a business to be successful.

On March 3rd, 4th, and 5th, she competed in a DECA competition at the Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis, MN. Samantha describes the competitions as “people are presenting skills that they would use in the business world. Some competition topics include, interviews, business plans, and sales demos with products being presented. It is similar to what you would be doing in a job, but in competition with other students.” There are a few events each day and there are also social events for the students to meet each other from chapters around the state.

“There are three levels of competition: district, state, and internationals. The competition in March was the state level.” Samantha’s competition was the ‘Learn and Earn’ chapter event. She worked with a group of 4 students to create and design a product, market it, ‘sell it,’ and manage an inventory. Then Samantha and one other group member presented their project in competition. She had a lot of fun and finalized in the event but did not qualify for internationals.

Samantha’s favorite part of DECA is that it “gives you more confidence in public speaking and encourages you to be more outgoing. Before I joined DECA I was less comfortable speaking in front of groups. Part of the competition was preparing for a job setting and interview situations.”

After graduation Samantha is planning on going to Anoka-Ramsey Community College to finish her generals and decide on a major. As of now, she is thinking of either law enforcement or accounting. Congratulations Samantha, we know that you will succeed at whatever you put your mind to!

  • Samantha DECA