Employee Appreciation and Holiday Party

On Saturday, January 26th, Automation, Inc. employees and their significant others had fun at FlannelJax's in St. Paul, MN.

Five axe throwing courts, two crosscut sawing stations and two ‘thump the stump’ stations were reserved for the group of about 40 employees and significant others. Heavy appetizers were catered in by Lunds and Byerlys.

After learning how to throw an axe and going over some safety, the group was ready to go. Some started off practicing to throw the axes while others observed before they were ready to try. Four of the courts (2 targets per court) were designated as practice courts and one court was the ‘games court.’ The games played on the games court had some overlap with common dart games.

The Automation, Inc. team tried their skills out on ‘thump the stump’ and the crosscut log. ‘Thump the Stump’ is a game where each person must hammer their nail into a tree stump (using a hatchet), the person who succeeds in the least number of tries, wins. In double crosscut, Chad and Jeff broke the FlannelJax's record for fastest time! Automation, Inc. took over the entire scoreboard for the double crosscut, see the times below:

  • Chad and Jeff: 7.16 seconds
  • Chris W and Chris S: 8.28
  • Steve T and Brian: 8.43
  • Chris A and Ron: 11.42
  • Todd and Scott S: 11.87

For the last hour of the event we played a tournament bracket, five throws per person, per game. On the last throw, you could call a ‘money shot’ for the chance to get 10 points if you made it stick in a green circle. The champion of the tournament was Chase and the runner up was Sam! Congratulations! The top 8 in the tournament each got to choose a door prize. Chad and Jeff also won a prize for winning the crosscut doubles.

The FlannelJax's event was a success, thank you to all the employees who attended the event and came out to throw some axes! Also, a big thank you to the staff at FlannelJax's for teaching us how to throw axes and helping us hold such a fun event! We are looking forward to the next one!

More Info about FlannelJax's

  • https://flanneljaxs.com/
  • double crosscut
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