Automation Technology Fair: Recap

Thank you to all that attended this year's successful Automation Technology Fair! Nearly 200 attendees and about two dozen manufacturers in attendance braved the heat on Thursday, September 14th to see the latest in automation. The morning included 10 seminars that focused on different aspects in factory automation ranging from safety to machine vision to collaborative robotics! 

Our IPS Design Center was transformed into a trade show setting with booths for manufacturers and demos on display. Not only did our manufacturers bring demos to share but our application engineers, product specialists, IPS designers and assemblers, and our Value Added Department all worked together to build over five demos. They featured multiple products working together to solve common applications or to showcase what we can do. 

Look through the pictures below to see a summary of the fair! Then follow us on social media where we will have updates on future events and next year's fair. If you have a question or application please contact us!

An additional thank you to the manufacturers who attended: Advantech, CCS America, Cognex, Colder Products Company (CPC), DE-STA-CO, ITT Compact Automation, ITT Enidine, Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), Mitsubishi Electric, Moritex, NSK, Panasonic, Parker EM, Parker Pneumatic, Parker IPS, Piab, QC Industries, Quickdraw, Rethink Robotics, Schmersal, and Swivellink.

  • Automation Technology Fair
  • Cognex Booth
  • Cognex Presentation
  • Piab Presentation
  • Compact Automation Booth
  • DESTACO Booth
  • Famous Dave's Lunch
  • NSK Booth
  • Parker Pneumatics Booth
  • MiR Presentation
  • MiR Presentation
  • Piab Booth
  • Automation Technology Fair
  • Quickdraw Booth
  • Rethink Robotics Sawyer
  • Automation Technology Fair
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